Andrew Motion: 10 Techniques to Spark the Writing

1. Decide when in the day (or night) it best suits you to write, and organise your life accordingly.

2. Think with your senses as well as your brain.

3. Honour the miraculousness of the ordinary.

4. Lock different characters/elements in a room and tell them to get on.

5. Remember there is no such thing as nonsense.

6. Bear in mind Wilde’s dictum that “only mediocrities develop”— and challenge it.

7. Let your work stand before deciding whether or not to serve.

8. Think big and stay particular.

9. Write for tomorrow, not for today.

10. Work hard.

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Andrew Motion has garnered the highest acclaim as a poet, including a knighthood and the post of Poet Laureate of the UK. In addition to his many books of poetry, Motion has published seminal biographies of poets and been a leading champion of poetry in the contemporary world. Though he has reached the pinnacle, he seeks to write poetry meaningful to all.

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My Miracle

People always talking about miracle
They say it just happens one, two or three times in our life
They say miracle always make bad becomes good
Sad becomes happy, cry becomes smile
And weak becomes strong

I always think about miracle
I always want to get one, two or three times miracles in my life
I’m just waiting, waiting and waiting
But it never comes to me
I’m still waiting, waiting and waiting
But it never happens to me

But somehow I realize, there won’t be any miracle comes to my life
If I’m just waiting and waiting
There won’t be any miracle happens in my life
Unless I try to grab it with my own hand
Unless I try to get it with my own effort

And yes! There will be miracle
Not one, not two or three but thousands miracles will happen in my life
If I try to make it happens
With my own hand, with my own effort

After that…

Bad always becomes good
Sad always becomes happy
Cry always becomes smile
Weak always becomes strong
And that is what I call…My miracle

Written by: chasingtheturtle

My Sun

Today I find my sun
That shines brightly in the morning
Today I see it smiles
And makes my heart smile

But suddenly the night comes
And change my sun into a moon
That cold and frozen in the sky
without smile around it

Tomorrow the morning comes
The moon becomes a sun
That shines brightly in the morning
With smile around it

But now I find everything changes
That sun is not my sun anymore
Because it smiles to everyone
But doesn’t smile at me

Written by: chasingtheturtle

One Day

One day I feel very sad
I don’t know why
But I begin to cry
I don’t want to cry alone
So I try to find someone

Suddenly he comes with his smile
And ask me to cry on his arms

I’m still crying but I’m happy
Because he hug me and hold me tight
At that time I promise in my heart
That I will never let him go away from me
I promise that I will always stay beside him

But suddenly I wake up
And I don’t find him around me
I look everywhere to find him
But I just see nothing

Now I realize that it was just a dream
And it makes me want to cry
But I know he won’t come and hug me if I cry
Because he is not here anymore
And I don’t know where he is

Now I really cry
But I don’t know whose arms will hug me
Because he’s gone
Even in my dream

Written by: chasingtheturtle

My Burst Balloon

My balloon has a love sign on it
My balloon is being bigger and bigger
My balloon is starting to go up
But my balloon burst when almost on the top

That’s my burst balloon
That’s my shattered dream

I don’t know exactly what my balloon is
But now I know it is my heart that burst like my burst balloon

Written by: chasingtheturtle

Inspired from the song “My Burst Balloon” by Catch