My top 10 favorite quotes from K-Drama^^


‘If such thing as a miracle exists, then it’s another name for hardwork’

–To the Beautiful You


‘It’s good to have a big dream. Even if your dream is shattered, the shattered pieces are still big’



‘Don’t be afraid of the shadows… because not far from you is light’

–City Hunter


‘If I ask, I have to listen. If I listen, I get involved. And then that’ll link us together!’

–The Greatest Love


‘Don’t start with seeing. Start with believing’

Master’s Sun


‘Sometimes there are obstacles on your way to your dreams and sometimes the obstacles become bridges leading to your dreams’

Dream High


‘In this world, there are some things that you are happier without knowing’

Secret Garden


‘The harder it is to achieve a dream, the more meaningful it is to go for it’

–Playful Kiss


‘Being afraid should not be a reason for you to runaway’

–The Prime Minister and I


‘Questions are created by people for people to solve’

God of Study

Source: asiandramaquotes, koreansplash


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