Super Junior Show 4 Indonesia @ Mata Elang International Stadium (MEIS) – April 29, 2012

SUJU had successfully hold their 3 days concert in Jakarta from April 27 – 29, and I’m so happy that I could see them again!! yaaayy! For me the concert was amazing, I mean, the dancing, the stage & the lighting and the effect were great (well but lack of the sound system I guess) …. Anyway, Suju did a great job in the concert, they’re so warm to the audience and very interactive at the stage. Luckily I bought the Super Box D ticket, because Yesung often came to this side!! *dancing*

Well overall I’m happy with the concert, except for the security that were very very very strict to the audience, they were walking around us bringing NO PHOTOGRAPH paper in their hand! They even drag some audience who took SUJU’s pictures even though they just used their handphone! I don’t know why they act like that, but it didn’t happen when I watch Super Show in Malaysia.

And because I was standing so close to the security, I couldn’t take SUJU’s pics at all (I even couldn’t take my camera from my bag!!!!).

But fortunately there were some audience that able to took their pics, so I hope you guys don’t mind I put your pics here ^^

And here’s some fancam that I took quietly with my handphone when the guards were not around, sorry the quality were so bad, well what can I do T_T T_T

Pictures credit: as tagged (All of those pictures are not mine! ^^)

Video credit: chasingtheturtle@YouTube


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