[APRIL 2012] Super Junior’s Twitter Update ~ Welcome to Jakarta!!!

[April 25th 2012]

@siwon407: can’t wait see you jakarta 🙂 good night beautiful world!

[April, 26th 2012]

@shfly3424: 인도네시아 자카르타간닷!! 쫌따보자~~^^

Translation: Going to Jakarta, Indonesia!! See you in a while~~^^

[April, 26th 2012]

@AllRiseSilver: Let’s go to Indonesia!!!!!

[April, 26th 2012]

@donghae861015: 자카르타 !! 열심히 리허설중 ^^ 내일 만나요 !! ^^

Translation: Jakarta!! We’re in the midst of rehearsing hard ^^ See you tomorrow!! ^^

[April, 27th 2012]

@siwon407: good night beautiful jakarta 🙂

[April, 28th 2012]

@ryeong9: Dong hae & Ryeo wook in Indonesia

@ryeong9: Sungmin & Ryeowook in Indonesia

[April, 29th 2012]

@donghae861015: 자카르타에도 비가내린다 ^^ 3일째 마지막날 아쉽다…

Translation: it is also raining in Jakarta ^^ its a pity that its the last day of the 3 days…

[April, 29th 2012]

@siwon407: 자카르타에서의 마지막날^^ 하늘도 서운해서 그런가.. 비내리네^^ last day in jakarta.. It going to be amazing *_*

Translation: the last day at Jakarta ^^ the sky is also sad thats why..its raining.. ^^ last day in jakarta.. It going to be amazing *_*

@siwon407: 내가 추구하는 인생의 목표중 하나 E.P.I.C! Ethics Principle Integrity Character ^^ 여긴식당이라는데 왠지 꼭 가야할듯한 끌림^^

Translation: One of the goals of my life seeking EPIC! Ethics Principle Integrity Character ^ ^ This is why you have to go like restaurants possessed attraction ^ ^

@siwon407: Indonesia 3회공연.. 잘 마쳤습니다^^ 사실 몸상태가 조금 안좋았는데 많은분들의 사랑과 응원 또 많은사람들이 걱정하고있단 문자도 받아서인지 더 힘내 마칠수 있었던것같아요^^ 고마워요 이제는 도쿄돔 *_*

Translation: 3 rounds of concert in Indonesia.. It ended well^^ Actually my body wasn’t in a very good condition, but it seems like thanks to the love and support from many people, and the worried messages I received from many people, I was able to hang in there and finish everything^^ Thank you and now it’s Tokyo Dome *_*

@siwon407: 규현이 솔로무대중^^ 다시한번 고마워요^^

Translation: During Kyuhyun’s solo stage^^ Thank you once again^^

[April, 30th 2012]

@siwon407: 아 기대된다^^ 우린 잘도착했어요 자카르타^^

Translation: Ah anticipating it^^ We have arrived safely Jakarta^^

@siwon407: already miss you indonesia 😦

@special1004 : 인도네시아 팬들의 따듯하고 뜨거운 사랑에 3일간의 공연 잘 마치고 지금 도착했습니다!!!^^너무 감사합니다!!뜨리마까시!!사야 수까 인도네시아 가디스!!!^^

Translation: Under the Indonesian fans’ warm and fervent love the three-day concert has ended well and (we’ve) currently arrived (in Korea)!!!^^Thank you so much!!Terima kasih!!Saya suka Indonesia gadis!!!^^

@shfly3424: 인도네시아콘서트하고왔습니다~~ 공항에서우연히만난마릴린혁과 슈퍼주니어 영광입니다요~~

Translation: Did the Indonesia concert and came back~~ With Marilyn Hyuk whom we met by chance at the airport(,) it’s an honour for Super Junior~~

[May, 1st 2012]

@special1004: 인도네시아 외국인 가수 최초로 최다3회공연!!최다 관객 몰이!!!!엄청난 기록 세워준 우리 팬들 고마워요!!!

Translation: The very first foreigner singer who held the maximum 3 concerts in indonesia!! The largest number of audiences!!!! Thanks to our fans who set up this record for us !!!

Translation: Sujunesia, teukables, allrisexiahtic, ★//囧酥餅 & eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET , eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET, @4evaELF


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