The Pigrabbit Story (*^^*)

(¬(••)¬) (˘(◦◦)˘) (‾(••)‾”)

Annyeong! My name is… Rabbit!

But one day, a man with an extraordinary haircut came

And turn me into…


Eotteokhajyo? Should now I become Pigrabbit?

Well… but since everybody loves me…

Pigrabbit would be just fine!! \(^o^)/


(¬(••)¬) (˘(◦◦)˘) (‾(••)‾”)

I really LOVE the pigrabbit doll from Korean Drama “You’re Beautiful”, that’s why I made a short story about this lovely doll! Enjoy! (‾(••)‾”)

Written by: chasingtheturtle
Pictures credit: You’re Beautiful, SBS 2009


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