Only my pets understand me … (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡

I Loveeee pet, and some of K-Pop idols also love their pet. Well then, what about if I post some pics of K-Idol’s pet now? ^^

Super Junior Kim Heechul  – Heebum & Baengshin



Kim Heechul termasuk salah satu K-pop idol yang paling sering upload foto-foto kucingnya,  Heebum & Baengshin.

JYJ Xiah Junsu – Tigger & Friends

Foto-foto apa yang paling banyak diupload sama Junsu di account twitternya? His face? His Abs? *wuups* no! no! The answer is his cats!! ^^

Xiah Junsu’s Cat Island^^

Junsu also has a dog, named Shaki

JYJ Jaejoong – Jiji

Selain Junsu, Jaejoong juga sering mengupload foto kucingnya, named Jiji ^^

2PM Chansung – Jeonggam

2PM Junho and his cat ‘Baby’

Junho posted this pic on his twitter account along with a funny & cute conversation between them^^

나 : 꼬맹아 사랑해 쪽~~~ – 3- 꼬 : 아 그만 냅둬 나좀… (Translation: “Me: I love you baby, chu~ / Baby: Can you stop and leave me alone?” ) LOLSSSS XDD

Mblaq Thunder – Dadoong

Jang Geun Suk – Sunni

Super Junior Eunhyuk – Choco

2AM Jo Kwon – Haengoonee

Gya! Haenggoonee is wearing Secret Garden’s epic jacket^^

G-Dragon – Gaho

(-♥o♥-) (-♥o♥-) (-♥o♥-)

Taeyang – Boss

Brian Joo – Chesters & Beckham

Beckham with Super Junior Choi Siwon

Park Shin Hye – Bongji & Nori

Super Junior Yesung – Ddangkoma & Friends^^

Yesung’s new dog, Kkoming

Oomooo!!! They’re so cute!!!!! \(»^▽^«)/

FT Island Jonghun – Pri & Madonna

Found this photo in Yoo Ah In’s Twitter, but I don’t know whether it is his dog or not ^^ but this dog is so cute!!!!


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